Archival Research

SEAS maritime archaeologists have years of experience in historical research and pride themselves on professionalism and integrity. Each associate will examine all primary and secondary sources from cyberspace, archives, libraries, and other repositories to ensure that all pertinent sources are consulted. Once research has been completed, our researchers will organize their findings in a report that includes copies of relevant documents, and a summary of conclusions.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Surveys  

State of the art maritime archaeological remote sensing surveys are designed, implemented, and executed based on the client's needs. We can conduct surveys for research institutions, museums, governmental agencies, coastal engineering firms, energy companies, and other submerged cultural resource firms.  This includes but is not limited to survey design and implementation, permitting, data acquisition and analysis, post survey target evaluation and identification, target relocation, and target assessment.    

Archaeological Site Assessment

Archaeological Site Assessment

Our maritime archaeologists are renowned for their expertise in historic ship construction methods and have the experience and expertise to conduct highly detailed site excavation and interpretation.  From initial data acquisition through final report preparation we provide the most comprehensive site interpretation available.  In addition to fully detailed site reports, our capabilities include complete site modeling and scale vessel reconstructions based on archaeological and historical data. 

Volunteers on Tampa Bay Shipwreck Project

Public Outreach & Involvement

SEAS has the unique ability to incorporate public involvement in any given mission as desired by the client.  This enables SEAS to facilitate the generation of essential public interest and participation within the goals and parameters of the project.   From public presentations, volunteer opportunities, and periodic media events SEAS can bring the past to the public in a vivid and meaningful way.