About Us
South Eastern Archaeological Services, Inc. (SEAS) was created in 1999 to conduct maritime archaeological research projects both in the United States and abroad. SEAS was designed to provide direct support and staffing for maritime research projects for museums, research centers, and public educational facilities. In 2009, we expanded our services to include submerged cultural resource management, the development of maritime archaeological research programs for public or private institutions, and the creation and evaluation of public outreach programs. 

With over thirty years of experience, we are extremely well qualified to conduct cultural resource management projects for local, state, and federal agencies, as well as museums, academic institutions, and research centers. Located in Kure Beach, North Carolina, our marine archaeologists are available to locate, document, and assess submerged cultural resources throughout the United States and abroad

SEAS specializes in the development of maritime archaeological programs for host institutions interested in unlocking secrets of the past through the discovery of shipwrecks and coastal infrastructures that are intrinsic to the region's maritime heritage. The knowledge gained through these types of research programs adds to the understanding of local history and aids in the preservation of submerged archaeological sites. In addition, developing public outreach programs based on the results allows the community to develop a personal appreciation of the local area and promotes stewardship of the resources. By specifically tailoring each program to the client, SEAS ensures that research initiatives are specifically tied to the interests, capabilities, and research goals of the individual institution

Since 1999, our maritime archaeologists have conducted excavations and evaluations of vessels from the early 16th century through vessels and aircraft lost during the Second World War. SEAS has been involved in archaeological projects in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Bermuda, and France. International projects include participation in the excavation and documentation of the CSS Alabama, a Confederate commerce raider lost off the coast of Cherbourg, France. This project was featured in National Geographic Magazine and in a television documentary for the History Channel. Most recently, SEAS designed and continues to direct the Tampa Bay Historical Shipwreck Survey for The Florida Aquarium. The funding for this project has been provided by The Florida Aquarium with matching grants from the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Ongoing investigations led to the discovery of numerous submerged cultural resources including the first two Civil War blockade runners found in Florida. One of the first submerged archaeological sites documented during this six year project has recently been approved to become Florida's twelfth underwater archaeological preserve. The site of USS Narcissus, a steam tug that was utilized during the Civil War as a Union blockading vessel, will make a great addition to Florida's "Museums in the Sea" program.

SEAS is staffed by professional maritime archaeologists with extensive experience in every aspect of nautical archaeological research, submerged cultural resource management, public outreach, publication, and interpretation. SEAS offers not only experience and professionalism, but a passionate dedication to providing the best possible solutions to any aspect of maritime research, archaeological investigation, or public outreach initiative.

John W "Billy Ray" Morris III, MA, RPA
Maritime Archaeologist/Director

Nicole Tumbleson Morris, MA, RPA
Maritime Archaeologist/Project Director