South Eastern Archaeological Services, Inc. (SEAS) is dedicated to bringing the past to life through the understanding and interpretation of our shared maritime heritage.

SEAS is a professional maritime archaeological consulting firm staffed to locate, document, and assess submerged cultural resources throughout the United States and abroad. With over thirty years experience, our maritime archaeologists are renowned for site interpretation of historic shipwrecks. We provide expertise in archival research, remote sensing surveys, site documentation, excavation, and interpretation for museums, research centers, academic institutions, and government agencies.

What makes SEAS unique is our ability to offer host institutions specifically designed maritime archaeological research programs tailored to each client's research design and goals. SEAS archaeologists also believe in sharing the excitement of discovery with the public through blogging, media events, public outreach initiatives, and volunteer participation - a significant dimension for a research and consulting firm.

SEAS offers not only experience and professionalism, but a passionate dedication to providing the best possible solutions to any aspect of maritime research, archaeological investigation, or public outreach initiative.